Let's get to know each other. I'll go first.

When I meet someone for the first time, they typically ask me what I do. I very much dislike the usual reference to how I earn money. I am so much more than a job and I refuse to be defined by such a small aspect of my life. What I "do" is live and I do so with ferocity. I am a scientist above all else. I  am inquisitive by nature and am constantly seeking to learn and expand my knowledge of all things. I ask a lot of questions, of myself, of others I come in contact with, and of the world around me. 

I was fortunate enough to grow up with regular access to the outdoor world. I had no fear for creepy crawlers and I was raised with an appreciation for all living beings and a respect for ecosystems. I also grew up surrounded by the craft of food making. My father was the head chef of our household and our favorite daddy-daughter time was spent in the kitchen. My grandmother baked and decorated beautiful cakes as a profession, my grandfather hunted, butchered and preserved almost all of his own meat, and my great grandmother canned everything from jams to stews using seasonal ingredients. A Southern-raised Florida Cracker transplanted as a teen into South Florida, I was exposed to Latin food and through that, Latin music. A dancer was born. 

Since my first trip as an adult outside of the U.S. in 2010, I have explored Ecuador, Venezuela, Argentina, Panama, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Australia, and France. I also travel extensively across the U.S. for research and tango. On my bucket list: the rest of the world. Through my travels, I've been able to intertwine my passions in such a way that it is almost impossible to pull one away from the other. Food led me to study dancing, dancing led me to study culture, culture led me to study agriculture which led me to study the environment, and that led me to study health and human rights, which in turn led me to study sustainability, etc. You get the point. 

So explore my site. Learn about the research I've completed, explore my recipes and adventures in exploratory gastronomy, try out tango, learn about my work in Sustainability and Climate Change, or check out my blog on food, love and life. 

I look forward to knowing you.