New Year's Resolution #1


I bought a book that was on sale at Barnes and Noble over Christmas. It is called "300 Writing Prompts" and is filled with questions that are funny, personal, thought-provoking, exploratory, etc. Some are a full-page and others are just a half-page. Over a month later, I felt the book calling to me and answered the very first question today: What is your favorite way to spend a lazy day?


I took my time thinking of a response to this before writing it out.  I enjoyed the feeling of putting pen to paper for some reason having nothing to do with work or academia. I have the urge to keep writing but I want there to be enough prompts to get me through most of the year.  I don't know if I will end up sharing all of my writing but today I for sure want to share this first piece, as it kicks off one of my New Year's resolutions: Be More Creative. Below you will find my response to the first prompt and the beginning of my NYR in creation. 


My favorite way to spend a lazy day isn't so lazy. If I had a day where no work was required, there was no school assignment or house chores to be done and no bills to pay or errands to run, I'd spend it exploring.  The first thing I'd explorer is my lover's body before ever getting out of bed.  Next, I'd explore the contents of the fridge and pantry until some ingredient inspired me to channel my inner professional chef. While eating on my porch, I would explore whatever book is currently hiding in my bag for getting dressed for the day and my most comfortable and fun outfit. Then I'd explore a local farmers market, try some fresh juice or gourmet coffee or Thai tea.  After a leisurely stroll through the market, I'd explore a local park or historic district. I would then explore a museum full of art or history or science. Of course I will be hungry by this time so I'd take the opportunity to explore some new café or food truck. Any perfect not-so-lazy day is incomplete without a trip to the ocean. I would explore my favorite beach spot, take a long swim, build a sandcastle and search for shells. I'd cuddle up with my lover or a book or both and watch the sun disappear. I'd return home, stopping at the grocery store to buy stuff to make dinner. I'd explore a new recipe and a bottle of wine with my lover before indulging on a delicious homemade meal complete with dessert. Then I'd explore a movie, the couch cushions and the warm arms of my love.