Sustainability & Environmental Scientist

I am a polymath whose expertise spans a wide range of studies, including environmental science, sustainability, water resources, global health, Latin American studies, team leadership, event organization, and Argentine Tango. 

Skilled in idea synthesis, I draw on diverse bodies of knowledge to solve complex problems. My comprehensive mix of skills and experiences sets the stage for innovation, drawn from the crossroads of multiple fields. 

Because I've had my hands in so many fields, I am used to starting fresh, at the beginning. This means that I'm really great at rapid learning. I'm not afraid to trying new things and step out of my comfort zone. The skills I've cultivated are transferable across disciplines so I am never really starting with an empty drawing board. 

Leadership and Community Collaborations

Climate Reality Leadership Corps (Florida, Present) - Leads community educational events, presentations, & activities to address climate change.

Livable Roadways Committee, Hillsborough County MPO (Hillsborough County, 2018-2019) - Reviews transportation and roadway plans and policies, making recommendations for improvement.

Floridians For Solar Choice (Tampa, 2015) - Promotes solar initiative and campaigns for petition signatures to bring solar issue to the 2016 state ballot.

Conservation Ecology Centre (Australia, 2012) - Assisted with land management & maintenance, animal husbandry, wildlife surveying/monitoring and invasive plant removal

Mote Marine Lab & Aquarium (Sarasota, 2010-2012) - Performed aquarium maintenance, animal husbandry & served as an exhibit guide

Patel College Ambassador (Tampa, Present) - Identifies partnerships, supports MA program growth, & serves as student/alumni liaison. 

City Beautification Board (City of Gainesville, Present) - Addresses the environmental and aesthetic concerns of the community through improvement and maintenance of community assets.

Women's Health Field Study (Panamá, 2013) - Researched and presented case studies on Women's Grassroots Movements in Community Health

Natural Resources Department (Manatee County, 2012) - Assisted with GIS data collection and mapping, invasive plant removal, park maintenace and trail monitoring

USF Department of Integrative Biology (Tampa, 2011) - Assisted with wet lab duties, data entry, in-field soil sampling and GPS navigation


Experience & Background

UF Land and Water Lab- Graduate Researcher (Present)

City of Oldsmar- Sustainability Coordinator (2017-2018)

Tampa Bay Water - Water Demand Associate (2017-2018

The Sustany Foundation - Student Sustainability Specialist (2015)

Brinker International -  Managing Assistant, Administrative Assistant, Team Trainer (2005-2017)

Fundación Vida Silvestre - Research Intern (2013)

Elementary Institute of Science  -  Science Educator (2014)        

Manatee County Property Management Energy & Sustainability Intern (2015)

Tampa Bay Tango Club  President (2013)

Tampa Tango Exchange - Founder and Organizer (Present)



  • Florida Water Star Landscape Accredited Professional- Landscape

  • Florida Green Industries Best Management Practices

  • FDEP Qualified Stormwater Control Inspector

  • FIPA Class-C Industrial Pretreatment

  • Florida Notary Public

  • Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) Green Associate

  • NAUI Certified Advanced & Nitrox Scuba Diver

  • Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) Green Associate

  • State of Florida Safe Boater License

Professional Affiliations

Tampa Bay Association of Environmental Professionals-  Member

U.S. Green Building Council- Member

Florida Nursery, Growers, and Landscape Association- Member


CPR/First Aid - American Red Cross

IBM SPSS Analytics Software 


Microsoft Office Suite



Data Analysis

Event Planning

Budgeting & Inovoicing

Energy Star Portfolio


Physical Science Responsible Conduct of Research - CITI

Social & Behavioral Responsible Conduct of Research - CITI

Humanities Responsible Conduct of Research -CITI

Website Management - Squarespace, Wordpress, Google Sites

Quantitative/Qualitative Research

Non-Profit Development

Social Media/Marketing

Florida Green Building Coalition Certification

Professional Development In Progress

I am currently studying for the Envision Sustainability Professional credential with the Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure.