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As a tango teacher and forever a student of dance, I prefer to focus on the fundamentals. Quality of movement, connection to your partner and musicality are the three areas my lessons focus on. 

I  currently teach fundamental group lessons in Gainesville on Mondays at 7pm. I also teach an intermediate-advanced TangoFix class in a home studio every other Tuesday evening. Classes are role-balanced and you must register in advance. I also teach private, semi-private and group lessons upon request in my home or your studio/home. 

In addition, I teach at and help run the Argentine Tango Club at the University of Florida on Wednesday and Sunday evenings. 

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As a tango DJ, I enjoy playing music which will actively engage dancers and keep them on the floor all night. My preferred style is more traditional, with a wide sampling of orchestras from the Golden Age, and more particularly from the Golden Decade of the 1940s. Some of my favorites are D'Arienzo, Biagi, Canaro , DiSarli, and Troilo. 

Although I prefer traditional tango music, I understand the importance of playing for my audience. My DJing is adaptable for each community. I look to the organizers of a milonga to give me guidance on the dynamics of their attendees and will adjust my music selection accordingly. 


I also organize the annual Tampa Tango Festathon, this year being held during Thanksgiving weekend. 

If you are interested in learning Argentine Tango, want to get more information about Tango in the Tampa Bay area, or would like to book me as a DJ for your event, please contact me here